Supply Chain Finance

What is Supply Chain Finance?

We pay your suppliers and you decide when you can pay us back, up to 4 months later. The facility can generally replace or sit alongside any finance that you may already have in place, including term lending and invoice finance.

Generally, we are able to help companies looking for a facility of £250,000 or more and we charge our fees on a pay-as-you-go basis, quite simply if you don’t use it – you don’t pay for it.

How does a Supply Chain Finance work?


Once your facility is up and running, you simply instruct us to make payments to your suppliers and you repay us up to 120 days later.We don’t take traditional security in the form of debentures or personal guarantees.

Who can we help using Supplier Chain Finance?


If you’re a company with a strong balance sheet and are a trading company in any industry with third party suppliers, then supply chain finance can work for you.

Where this differs from invoice finance is that we provide a facility much earlier in the trade cycle and provide the working capital you need to deliver the product or service. In other words we can provide finance at the point where your supplier raises an invoice to you, not when the work is completed and you are raising your invoice to your customer.

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